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Hear What Our Residents Have to Say About Us:


“Hey Gary, just wanted to follow up on this. Ruben discovered the AC breaker was tripped. Seems unclear if it actually tripped due to a surge or if it was simply not turned on after install. Either way, it’s working great now! Ruben was very courteous and helpful, just thought I’d pass that along to you.”

Matt L. – 9th Street Apts, Santa Monica


“My pregnant brain forgot to have the bank switch it over to the new LLC and they issued the check already. Thank YOU for being so flexible and working it out (again). But in other news the pool is amazing. It’s warm for the first time in a year and clean and clear and rad!”

Mercedes A. – Carpenter House, NOHO


“OMG, our last management company were like robots! Had to get layers of approval and never called us back. You and Kim rock! Thank’s for taking care of things quickly, and just caring about our environment, and using your brain when solve problems!”

Ron A. – Albright Apartments, Culver City


“Kim, you are the nicest person that I have EVER worked with when it comes to Property Management people! Just an absolute delight.”

Marina M. – Washington Apartments, Culver City

felix and juanna

“Your sincere, diligent, and personable effort has made the sometimes daunting prospect of apartment hunting a pleasure. The level of attention and care in this process is truly of the highest caliber and does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.”

Felix & Juanna, Westmoreland Apartments, Virgil Village


“First I want to thank you again for your warm hospitality, which has made me feel like I can trust you. You are a great person and I feel like I am welcome. I think we will have a great relationship as tenant and landlord.”

Pete S. - Westminster Ave Apts, Venice


“Thank you Kim for your speedy responses!! Sorry but I’m use to the other girl from the old management company who never answered us or got back to us ever. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly I really appreciate it!!!! :)”

Lauren K. - 9th Street Apts, Santa Monca


“Your instincts were correct when you showed me the place. It’s been absolutely perfect for me and I’m sad to leave. Olga’s responsiveness to my needs has been excellent. She was the best leasing agent I’ve encountered”

Sarah P. – Cloverdale Ave Apts, Miracle Mile